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Cycling holiday for 3 nights

Cycling holiday for 3 nights in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Saimaa and Lappeenranta. Accommodation in personal Salpalinjan Hovi (dbl/twin room) near the UNESCO Saimaa Geopark and Salpa-line war history sites. Explore the area’s most beautiful landscapes and attractions, as well as other places worth visiting. You get maps of the bike trails and the area, and tips for the best places to visit based on your interests.
Feel the joy of exercise by folding your bicycle tours.

Lake Saimaa, Sauna and local delicacies
Feel like a Finn

Calm down and get more vitality. Breathe fresh air and eat the world’s purest food in Karelian style. This trip is for you, who are interested in food, nature and relaxing.

Salpalinja History and Bunkers – Guided Tour

Salpalinjan Hovi is located on top of the Salpalinja defense line that was built in the 1940s to protect Finland from the Soviet Union. You can find two underground machine gun bunkers and an enormous three-story lodging-cave very close to the hotel, borrowed into the rock. According to different sources, the cave was supposed to accommodate 60 to 100 soldiers. While staying at Salpalinjan Hovi, you can explore these remarkable sites of Finnish war history with an expert guide.

Salpalinja adventure

This is a playful competitions in historic Salpalinja nature. Tasks about Salpalinja history. Some of tasks are trivias and other require different kind of thinking.

Finnish culture and Saimaa geopark

Three (or seven) night accommodation package
This trip is for you, who are interested in nature and want to explore Finnish culture. Take a refreshing tour around our Village trail. Explore the neighbouring saw history sites (for example bunkers and caves) and enjoy beautiful, fresh nature and Saimaa GeoPark.
Relax in the Sauna. Sauna is the oldest and the most traditional healing and relaxing wellness element in Finland.

Polar night and fresh outdoor activities with Sauna culture

Take it easy, breathe fresh air, enjoy the silence and experience the healing effect of sauna.

Karelian delicacies, guided drama tour round the sights, open fire cooking, Mystical walk in the light of headlamps. Feel the magic off the forest and calm down by watching the stars. Visit the big bunker cave and meet hibernating bats.
Trip to Holiday Club Saimaa SPA
Special Särä dinner. Särä is a lamb-dish made of over 1000 year old recipe.

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