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Educational Travel

Lake Saimaa and Lappeenranta are stunning educational travel destinations.

What would be a better place than one of the safest countries in the world, and the creator of a globally recognized educational system?

Salpalinjan Hovi is the perfect accommodation for Educational travel groups for maximum 24 people. Create a programme according to your wishes with us.

Physical, Virtual, Social and Mental Learning Environments

– Educational visits to schools.

– Explore the Saimaa GeoPark and Lake Saimaa while rowing a boat.

– Explore the nearby historical war and sawmill sites by walking through Rutola village trail.

– Hotel is located next to an important piece of war.

history, the Salpa-line (“The latch line”). You can visit it´s underground bunkers and at wintertime you can meet bats there.

Cultural Enrichment and Adventurous Methods

– Salpa-line Adventure is an exciting, playful learning experience of Salpaline’s history and structures.

– Winter Adventure teaches you traditional wilderness skills such as snow-castle building, ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, skating on a frozen lake and open-fire cooking.

– Mystical trek under the stars through the white snow forests and uncover some of nature’s hidden secrets. In this journey we will help you to connect with nature and to understand the life and seasons of the forest.

– In our old traditional Finnish sauna you can relax and explore the Finnish way of life.

– For kids there are treasure maps, nature-related tasks. Heritage and silent, ancient wisdom etc.

New innovations

Elsewhere the focus is more on memorising information rather than providing children with the means to understand and experience various phenomena.

In Finland you learn by doing, experimenting and exploring.

Jamie Hyneman Center is a place for developing an understanding of the world by exploring, working hard and having fun.

The easy access protolab at the LUT Lappeenranta campus is well equipped with tools and materials. It gives you the freedom to bring your enthusiasm to the table and start building –or defusing. As one of the center’s designers, Jamie Hyneman justly reminds us, innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We all have ideas and skills; JHC is a place to trade, test and refine them. Start working and the learning will follow.

Visit to Russia.

Lappeenranta is a border town to Russia, so programme can be combined with a visit to St. Peterburg.

Together with our cooperating companies and schools we can provide many sort of programs and contents for your educational trips. For example a program about Finnish educational system and school visits, science, sport, nature, culture and art camps.

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